Diver 1

A Diver 1 is a diving specialist who is required to maintain proficiency in underwater tasks as well as the skills required by all divers. Positions are available in Bayou Vista, LA, Norfolk, VA, and San Diego, CA and may require worldwide travel on an emergency call out basis. This position will be full-time or rotational, working pier-side, inland or offshore.
Accomplish all tasks assigned by the Diving Supervisor. In the event he is assigned a task for which he does not consider himself qualified by either training and/or experience, he shall immediately inform the Diving Supervisor.
Read, understand, and comply with all of Phoenix policies and with applicable government regulations as they relate to his qualifications or performance while engaging in diving operations.
Comply with regulations or instructions concerning the use, maintenance, repair, and testing of all diving equipment provided for the operation.
Report to the Diving Supervisor any recent medical treatment or illness so that a proper determination can be made concerning his fitness to dive.
Immediately report all symptoms or suspected symptoms as early and accurately as possible.
Report to the Diving Supervisor any defect or malfunction of the diving equipment provided for the diving operation.
Follow safe diving practice at all times during the diving operation whether on deck or in the water. Bring to the attention of the Diving Supervisor any questionable items. Be alert for the safety of others.
Assist in the training of new personnel or tenders.
Remain awake and in the vicinity of the decompression chamber for at least one hour following treatment or a hyperbaric exposure outside the no decompression limits.
Know and observe the rules for flying after diving or traveling to altitudes higher than the dive site.
Ensure that his diving equipment has been correctly maintained, prepared and tested before each dive. This requirement should never be delegated to others. Maintain a diver's logbook, which details all dives, medical examinations, courses taken, and personal equipment maintenance.
Ensure their medical certificates are up to date and recorded in their logbook.
Present their logbook to the Diving Supervisor on every job.
Maintain current certification in First Aid and CPR.
Comply with established Phoenix QMS processes and procedures.
Complete administrative office duties as assigned.
Graduate of a professional diving school.
Applicant must demonstrate the ability to plan dive operations requiring decompression and repetitive dives.
Applicant must demonstrate knowledge of normal decompression and treatment tables.
Significant physical effort required. Must be able to pass annual diving physical.
Significant exposure to physical risk.
Must possess a current Passport, ADCI Card, and TWIC Card.
S. Government security clearance desired.
Must be able, and willing, to travel worldwide, on short notice for indefinite periods of time.
Applicant must have been a Diver 2 with Phoenix or another diving company for at least 1 year.
The Operations Manager, the Company Vice President or two Diving Supervisor must recommend applicant for promotion.
Applicant must have 1-year minimum with the Company and document 250 days minimum field experience on diving jobs.
Applicant must present to Operations Manager completed Diver 1 Proficiency Checklist, initialed by the appropriate personnel.
Applicant must pass written Diver 1 Test with a score of at least 80%.
Applicant must demonstrate diving ability by having logged 150 or more working dives as a Diver 2.
Applicant must have logged at least 30 dives in excess of 150', and should have at least 10 mixed gas dives.
Applicant must have written recommendations for promotion from two Diving Supervisors, the
Operations Manager, or the Company Vice President.
Applicant must demonstrate the ability to competently set up a mixed gas dive station.
Applicant must be familiar with air, surface mixed gas and bell diving procedures.
Applicant must have acted as Lead Diver on a minimum of 10 projects with a crew of 3 or more personnel after reaching level of Diver 2.
Must successfully pass background check and drug/alcohol testing.
Phoenix International, Inc, is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.

Don't Be Fooled

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